Hakomi Multilevel Training 2017/2018

Delighted to announce that 2017 will see the beginning of a Hakomi multilevel training in Ireland. The format is 3 * 5 day trainings for 3 years.

February 18th-22nd 2017 Saturday-Wednesday Inclusive~Caroline Braham Level 1
June 14th– 18thth 2017 Wednesday-Sunday inclusive~Rob Fisher Level 1
November 22nd-26th 2017 Wednesday-Sunday inclusive~Caroline Braham Level 1

2018 Dates February 17th-21st – Ashe House. July 11-15th- Ashe House. November 10th-14th – Ashe House

see www.hakomiireland.ie for further details.


Self-care & the prevention of ‘Burn-Out’~The Hakomi Way

October 22nd & 23rd 2016 ~ Saturday & Sunday

In This multi-level workshop, we will use mindfulness to discover and explore our unconscious beliefs and behavior patterns that cause us unnecessary stress and burn-out. We will also learn to meet ourselves and others with friendliness and compassion, restoring our ability to take in and offer support. (CPD 13 hours) and find satisfaction in our care-giving work.

Facilitator: Bob Milone 

Venue; Oaklands House, Blessington, Co Wicklow



Hakomi Therapy Intensive Circle  

A weekend of mindfulness based, assisted self-discovery and emotional nourishment

November 19th & 20th 2016~ Saturday & Sunday   Early Booking advised

An opportunity to witness Hakomi therapy (founded by Ron Kurtz) as practiced by a skilled Hakomi practitioner in a safe group setting (Facilitator: Caroline Braham)

Venue: Ashley Park House, Nenagh, Co Tipperary